Kia cars and SUVs are continuously refined to always have the latest technologies and features for drivers and passengers to enjoy on the road. Recently, Kia has announced that NVIDIA DRIVE will be introduced in new models. This is a connected car infotainment system that will improve your time on the road in exciting ways.


NVIDIA DRIVE is a high-performance infotainment system that delivers enhanced functionality. This exciting system integrates information from the vehicle's interior and exterior, and it processes that information using intelligent technology. NVIDIA DRIVE elevates the navigation system, audio system, and video technologies in today's Kia models to a new level. Also, the software solution used in the system will be more compatible with a wider range of third-party applications that are not currently available through today's infotainment system software programs. As is the case with current infotainment systems, NVIDIA DRIVE will be accessible to Kia drivers via a touch display screen.

Learn More About NVIDIA DRIVE

As a new technology in future Kia models, NVIDIA DRIVE is a feature that deserves a closer look. Our Kia Atlanta South sales reps are thrilled to demonstrate our models' latest features, and we are looking forward to telling you more about NVIDIA DRIVE and other anticipated features when you connect with us soon.