Every now and then despite car manufacturers' best efforts to build quality cars day in and day out, recalls happen. While it doesn't happen often, if you own a Kia, or any car for that matter, you'll want to check to see if your Kia is subject to any recalls. 

Jenkins Automotive Group is committed to your safety and satisfaction. We appreciate your patience as we work together to service your vehicle to Kia's standards. Kia Motors will be sending correspondence to all affected owners regarding the inspection and repair process shortly. For more information regarding these campaigns, please contact our service team. Thank you for your understanding as we work towards addressing these concerns.
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Check for Kia Recalls in Gainesville, FL

You can find out quickly if your Kia has a recall at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville by using our look-up tool. Safety and customer satisfaction are the hallmark of the entire extended Jenkins Automotive Group. We work tirelessly to keep your Kia up to the high standards you've come to expect. Sometimes, that means fixing a problem by issuing a recall.   We understand how inconvenient and frustrating a recall can be. We want to assure you that your faith and trust in Jenkins Kia of Gainesville is well placed.  

Check Your Mail for a Notification About Your Kia in Gainesville, FL

Kia Motors always notifies owners when a recall is necessary. The notices explain the issues, how the problem could affect your vehicle, and how to get it fixed. This way, the repair process won't have any unpleasant surprises for you.   In addition to the manufacturer's correspondence, it's really important that car owners keep abreast of the latest safety recalls. It's no different from making sure your Kia is properly maintained.   Just like how maintenance is important to keep your Kia running reliably, staying on top of recall information is crucial to keep your investment at its peak and optimal safety.  

Try the Recall Look-Up By VIN Feature in Gainesville, FL

Along with written notices, you can also check our website for yourself to see if your Kia is scheduled for a recall.   It's easy, with only one step. After you go to the "Recall Look-Up by VIN - Vehicle Identification Number" form, enter your Kia's VIN in the box and click submit. That's it.   In moments, you'll know what repairs and replacements, if any, your Kia requires to stay safe and provide you with years of continued reliable driving pleasure.   The Recall Look-Up By VIN database checks for new or outstanding recalls for your specific vehicle. And it goes back 15 years! So, if you missed something, the Recall Look-Up by VIN will find it for you. The Look-Up finds all safety recalls that are incomplete on a vehicle. The Look-Up runs on a huge database run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NHTSA uses information from the manufacturer to give car owners a one-stop location to see if their cars are subject to a recall.

Schedule Your Repairs and Maintenance in Gainesville, FL

Whether your Kia is subject to a recall, or it's just time for an oil change or tire rotation, you can schedule maintenance and repairs right online, and have the work done quickly and conveniently right at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville. Call today to keep you Kia in tip top shape.