Leasing vs. Buying a Car in Gainesville, FL

Reviewing Your Purchasing Decisions

Leasing vs. buying a car largely depends upon your priorities and preferences. While buying a car presents you with many important questions and selections to consider like make, model, trim level, and fuel efficiency, there are still considerations left, including how you will finance your new vehicle. 

Learn more about how to make this important decision with Jenkins Kia of Gainesville, and when you're ready to start the process, check out our inventory to find the dream car for you!   

The Difference Between Buying vs. Leasing a Car

For some drivers, buying a car involves an auto loan, paid over a certain period to call the car your own, or involves paying off the car cash in full. For other drivers, buying isn't the best long-term option or desire, so leasing a car - renting a car for a specific period with no equity built - is the best left.

While that only scratches the surface of leasing vs. buying a car, the two are a lot different and ultimately depend on your priorities and preference. At Jenkins Kia of Gainesville, our sales and finance team is happy to sit with you to go over options specific to you. In the meantime, check out the benefits of leasing and purchasing a vehicle in Gainesville, FL, at our dealership!   

Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle in Gainesville, FL

Leases on vehicles range by dealership but typically run at least 24 months. A short lease often appeals to individuals interested in the latest technology and drivers that want to reduce maintenance expenses. The ability to drive a new car every couple of years with no strings attached is only one major benefit of leasing a car vs. buying a car.   

The other big benefit is that the down payment to secure a lease is sometimes lower than the down payment needed to purchase. If you're concerned about the monthly costs of a new vehicle, the monthly payment is often less than it is for an auto loan. Many new cars also offer a warranty that lasts three years. If you select to lease a new vehicle within its warranty duration, most of the repairs should be covered!   

Benefits of Buying a Vehicle in Gainesville, FL

Though lower costs and the latest gadgets may seem appealing, owning a vehicle is a great asset and achievement. When you pay off your auto loan or pay in full, the title is in your name, and it is yours! While you will have to pay monthly payments, equity is building, and you can drive or use the vehicle how you want.   

The contract to purchase a vehicle offers more freedom when it comes to trade-in or paying to fix mishaps like minor scratches. If monthly cost is a concern, purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle is always an option to lower insurance, down payment, or monthly insurance.   

Shop New & Used Inventory at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville

Whether you're stuck between leasing a car vs. buying a car or already have decided which offers better benefits for you, our new and used inventory in Gainesville, FL, is nearly endless! If you buy, take advantage of new purchase perks like steep discounts on window tint on all new cars, pre-treatment with auto bond protection for the pain, and more!   

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