Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New Kia Car

At Jenkins Kia of Gainesville, we are proud to continue to serve our valued customers' many auto needs throughout the pandemic. We know that many of our clients want to stay in their existing vehicle for the time being or may not be in a financial position to make an upgrade. However, you may be excited about the possibility of retiring your current vehicle and making an upgrade soon. Before you do, you need to know what to expect.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New Car?

If you are one of the fortunate individuals who have not been financially affected by the pandemic and various shutdowns, you may be in a great position to purchase a new car or SUV from Jenkins Kia of Gainesville. However, you should consider completing as much of your vehicle selection online as possible for the sake of healthy social distancing. At our dealership, our full inventory is available for you to check out online, so you can begin your shopping experience at any time without leaving the house.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Car?

A used vehicle purchase could be a smart alternative to a new Kia purchase, and our dealership carries an impressive selection of smaller and larger vehicles for you to check out. Overall, fewer people are trading in their used cars and returning leased Kia vehicles right now. When you review our pre-owned inventory through our website or in person, you may discover slightly fewer options at times. However, our inventory is refreshed regularly, so you can continue visiting our website to check out new options until you are ready to lock in your purchase plans.

What Steps Should be Taken When Shopping for a Car?

We want you to feel completely safe and confident while you are shopping for your next Kia. In addition to detailing our full inventory of new and used vehicles online, our financing application is posted on the website for you to fill out as well. You can request a trade-in valuation for your current vehicle over the site. When you are ready to test drive specific cars that you found in our online inventory, we will bring those vehicles to your home upon request.

At Jenkins Kia of Gainesville, we refuse to take chances with the safety of our customers and staff members. We want you to remain healthy while enjoying the benefits of driving a new vehicle. Rely on the resources on our website to begin the convenient online purchase experience, or connect with our associates if you need individualized attention.