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Seek Out Your Next Oil Change at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville!

Do you remember the last time you got an oil change for your Kia? If it has been quite some time, you may want to look into getting one to ensure that your vehicle’s engine can do its job efficiently. Some of the many functions that the oil provides is its ability to clean the debris away from the engine and its ability to lubricate it properly. If you skip out on your regular oil changes, those functions may suffer quite a bit...

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Windshield repair for better visibility

A crack on the windshield reduces your level of clarity, in case of rain or fog, dust or anything other weather conditions, would make it dangerous for the driver, making it easy to get an accident.

The driver doesn't need an illusion of something that is not there, he/she needs clear visibility and focus, and the cracks may distract the driver in different ways. For instance, a driver may think that there are marks where there aren't any or assume the distance of oncoming traffic for lack of proper visibility. It also is a traffic offense to…
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