Move Over Laws Exist for Everyone's Safety

Move over laws exist for the safety of everyone. Those laws require drivers to move left, right, stop, or pull over to the side of the road when first responders attempt to navigate their way through traffic. First responders can be firemen, police officers, ambulance drivers, or fire trucks. Obeying the move over laws will help save lives and will also help you avoid a ticket.

While the laws may vary from state to state, they all have one thing in common. They want vehicle drives and pedestrians to yield the right of way. You can find out more about your state’s move over laws by simply Googling the laws from your state. You can also stop by a first responder’s place of operation and inquire. Be safe on the highways at all times of the year, and yield the right of way to first responders. Everyone here at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville wants everyone to practice safe driving and to consider the safety of others.

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