Understanding Complete Vehicle Ownership Costs Provides Empowerment

Most consumers keep their vehicle an average of three to five years before purchasing a newer one. During that time, there will be additional expenses to the yearly budget. Fortunately for local drivers looking to stay within a less-than-flexible budget, our team at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville is here to help guide you through the true costs of ownership.

Secondary to the monthly payment, fuel is considered to be the most concerned expense. But, you want to also consider the expenses not factored into daily driving, such as oil changes, regularly scheduled maintenance requirements, new tires, insurance, registration renewal, replacement parts, as well upkeep costs to protect your investment. The average vehicle maintenance costs for drivers in the greater Gainesville area, and nationwide, are different each year. And it’s important to stay current with the most recent data.

Our staff members believe you should be aware of any potential increase prior to making your next vehicle purchase. Understanding the total cost of vehicle ownership not only empowers you as a driver, but it also gives you the peace of ownership that stays with you with every mile! Contact us or stop in for a visit at 3345 N Main Street today!

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