Turn to Our Dealership for Knowledgeable Services for Your Car

You would like the staff that works on your vehicle to be knowledgeable about that vehicle and the specific needs that it has. When you trust a dealership like Jenkins Kia of Gainesville, you can know that you are working with a staff that has the knowledge that they need to address your car's needs.

Our staff understands the various cars that they deal with, and they know the best way of servicing each one. Our staff has access to the latest recall information, and they will check into that when they need to. We are set up with all of the tools and parts that we need to provide your vehicle with the best care.

If you are wondering who our there will meet your service needs in Gainesville, FL, know that we are here to do just that. You can trust us to handle the work that you need to have completed!

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