Be Prepared This Year on the Holiday Road Trip

Once again the holidays are here, and that means you may be loading up the family and trying to navigate those busy roads again to your holiday gathering. Here are a few things to consider that could make the journey less eventful.

The time is now to be planning routes that go around all those heavily congested areas you are always getting stuck in each year. Take alternate routes around airports, in particular, to save being stuck in severe traffic.

Be mindful of the speed limits in new areas because there could be numerous speed traps that will cost you time and money in fines.

Pack a box with tools that can get used in case of a breakdown of your vehicle. Other things you can bring are a gas can, bottle of engine coolant, and road flares.

Be sure you can make time to get over to Jenkins Kia of Gainesville so we can carefully inspect your vehicle before the long trip.

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