Are You Going to Be Going Back to School Soon? Don’t Forget the Maintenance for Your Kia!

Is the time approaching for your return to school? Before you go, remember to get your Kia serviced with us at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville! Not only is regular maintenance imperative to the health of your vehicle, but there are certain situations that you can try and avoid by getting elements of your car checked. For example, if your tires need to get rotated or you need new tires entirely because of loss of tread, by coming in for a thorough inspection, it can avoid the potential flat tire while you are driving back to school.

To assist you with maintenance, we may even have a current service special that you can utilize! Make an appointment with our service center today in Gainesville, FL. A knowledgeable technician can assist you with your vehicle and give it the necessary services that it needs. If you would like assistance with a maintenance schedule, we can also advise you on which services your vehicle requires and the time frame in which to get them done.

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